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Residential Roof HoustonYour residential roof requires extra special care — it’s what keeps you and your family safe, protected and comfortable year-round. Our roof contractors have the knowledge and skills needed to perform residential roof repair that will last, without the need for a premature replacement. And when it is time to install new roof on your Houston home, our team will do the perfect job. We specialize in restorations and retrofitting, and can help determine the best solution for your needs. Call us to get a free estimate!

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Residential Roofers in Houston

Our residential roofers are ready to take care of your home the way you want it done. Whether you want to transform your existing house into a dream home or you want to squeeze some extra life out of your current roof without having to get a new one, count on us to do it right.

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Residential Roof Repair

We can repair all types of residential roofs, including:

Metal roofs — whether you have a standing seam roof or a corrugated metal roof on your home, there are a few things that can crop up with them. While metal roofs are virtually impenetrable and weather-resistant, they can sometimes dent, and even leak, particularly when it wasn’t installed correctly. Our residential roofers are able to find out what’s really wrong with your metal roof and restore it to its original condition, keeping your family safe and sound.

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Shingle roofs — while asphalt shingle roofs are one of the most affordable roof types out there, they tend to have difficulties more than some other materials. A strong gust of wind can remove tired shingles, water leaks may occur, and granules can be struck off of your shingle roof, causing the shingles to wear away over time. If your residential roof is missing shingles, leaking, or having other problems, call us to get them fixed for good.

We are experts with all roof types, and we can handle just about any residential roof repair you may need. In most cases, we can help you avoid a roof replacement with either a restoration or a retrofit. In all cases though, we’ll get it done right, and at an affordable rate. Call us today to get a free estimate!

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We can repair, replace, restore and install a residential roof in Houston and all surrounding areas. We’re a roofing company that has over 30 years of experience in the industry, and can handle all types of roof replacement and repairs. Call us to get a free, on-site estimate for your exact needs.