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Modified Bitumen

Modified Bitumen HoustonModified bitumen roofing continues to be a great choice for many property owners, thanks to its reliability and affordability. Our roof contractors are fully professional with installing, replacing and repairing modified bitumen roofs on commercial properties in Houston. Call us to get great rates on top-notch service and first-rate quality!

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Commercial Modified Bitumen Roofs in Houston

Though modified bitumen (MB) roofing has been a favorite in industrial roofing in Houston for decades, its time-tested performance has since been improved by manufacturers, making it an even better choice for many property owners.

The simplicity is that it is made up of an asphalt-based roof sheeting that has been strengthened, hence, modified, with either plastic or rubber. When this is combined with our knowledge and expertise of correctly installing and repairing MB, you get outstanding waterproofing and protection.

Modified bitumen has a competitive life-cycle cost, and we have long-term warranties that can make it an even more affordable roof for you. Call us today and schedule your free estimate, one of our roofers will inspect your property and give you an affordable and accurate idea of what it will take to transform your commercial roof!

We also handle repairs and restorations on modified bitumen, so if you’ve got a leaking roof, cracks in your roof surface, or other problems, give us a call! We are experts with salvaging rooftops and will go out of our way to do a great job on yours!

Benefits of Modified Bitumen

Modified bitumen is built with the reinforced effectiveness of built-up roofing, but it goes on with the smooth, seamlessness of single-ply roofing. That means that you get double the protection, thanks to the factory-reinforced asphalt, for just about any type of roof, including flat roofs, or low-sloped roofs.

modified bitumen roofsOur roof contractors can install modified bitumen roofing with a heat torch, or we can apply it with cold adhesives, so it’s not particularly restricted by the weather, either. Once we lay the membrane down, we’ll bond the seams giving you a smooth, waterproofed finish that will keep your commercial property protected for 10 to 20 years.

We have been a commercial roofing company for over three decades, and the roofers on our staff can give you some of the best advice in all of Houston. Don’t trust just anyone to work on your commercial or industrial property; you want a team that has the experience and the record to back up what they are saying and doing.

We will inspect your building and give you advice on which roofing material will benefit you most. We can think with budgets, different properties and their needs, as well as the techniques necessary for each, and how geography and climate could impact roofing. When you call us to install, restore, replace or repair your commercial roof, we will give you the expert care you need to get the most out of your roof. Give us a call today and schedule your free estimate to get started!

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We install, repair and replace roofs of modified bitumen in Houston and all surrounding areas. We’ve been in business as one of the leading commercial roof companies in the area for over 30 years, and we continue to stay on top by delivering great quality products to our customers year after year. We look forward to getting to earn your business next. Call us for your free on-site estimate.