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Commercial Roof HoustonWhen you need a commercial roof in Houston, call us first. Our entire company was founded with the sole intention of providing great commercial roofs, whether through roof repair, replacement, restoration or retrofitting. Though we’ve since expanded to handle all aspects of roofing services, we still specialize in commercial roofs, and consider them one of our greatest areas of expertise. To get a free on-site estimate for your roof replacement or repair, call us today!

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Commercial Roofers in Houston

Our business is to keep your business going while we fix your roof, and our roofers are specially trained to cause minimal noise and distraction, while maintaining a clean job site. We know you have a business to run, you have customers to serve, and a job to get done. Trust us to take great care of your commercial roof, no matter the service you need done.

CRC works on all types of commercial roofs, including properties with a/an:

One thing we pride ourselves in is our commitment to our customers. Our roof contractors will always strive to repair your roof wherever possible, and we don’t take a call for a repair as an opportunity to give you a sales pitch about getting a roof replacement. We know that you would almost always prefer to repair your roof than do a re-roof, and we try hard to do just that.

If a repair really won’t give you the benefits you think, and a commercial roof replacement is necessary, we will give you the full explanation of why that is, so you can decide for yourself. We think that our unique way of helping our customers will make us your number one choice when it is time to get a roof replacement, and we strive to be your lifelong roofing company!

Commercial Roof Repair

When your commercial roof is leaking, it doesn’t take long to disrupt your business, your customers, and your income. Don’t let a leaky roof, missing materials, or cracks cause a major problem in your life. Call us when you see warning signs like:

Ceiling spots — watermarks on your ceiling a pretty obvious indicator, but you could also have water stains on top of your roof, usually around the vents, HVAC equipment and any flues.

Algae — in Houston’s hot and humid weather, roofs are pretty likely to get invaded by mold and algae, and this can cause quite some damage to your roof if not treated quickly. Call us if you see spots of algae, mold or mildew on your commercial roof.

Warped shingles — those commercial properties with shingle roofs may be familiar with the look of curled or buckled edges on your asphalt shingles, but it can be a sign of serious damage occurring below the surface. One of our roofers will take a look at your buckled or warped shingles and perform the necessary roof repair to get it fixed properly, and avoid an unnecessary replacement.

Commercial Roof

Commercial Roof Replacement

A commercial roof replacement is necessary whenever your roof is getting too old, or has suffered too much damage. Whether from excessive wear and tear, storm damage, or what have you, sometimes it’s more financially beneficial to give you a newer, more energy-efficient roof. When that time comes, we want you to count on us to give you the best deal for your money.

CRC specializes in cool roofs for commercial properties, and would be happy to give you a free on-site estimate for your new roof. A TPO roof can not only keep your building cooler, but it can cut down your energy costs, too! Many of our clients report having saved 25-50% on their energy bills once we’ve given them a cool roof, and that’s not to mention the money they saved on less AC repairs from their unit not having to work so hard!

When you’re looking to upgrade, restore, re-roof, repair or replace your commercial roof, call us first. You will quickly see that our 30+ years of experience, our knowledge and skills in the field, along with our understanding of what roofs in Houston need, and our commitment to you will make us the best choice, hands down!

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We will repair or replace a commercial roof in Houston and all surrounding areas. We started out as a roofing company dedicated to handling commercial properties — we have been working on them for over 30 years, and we will take great care of yours. We make it our mission to use high-quality products with great craftsmanship for affordable rates. Call us today to get your free on-site estimate from one of our roof contractors!